Monday, September 08, 2008

Matt's First Birthday Revisited I've been trying to upload these photos off and on for the last couple weeks and couldn't get Blogger to cooperate with me. I have a feeling it is because of my slow connection. Anyway - I dug out a few photos of Matt to see how Matt compared with Grant at age 1.
That is one ugly cake, isn't it?? Is that mustard-yellow frosting? Who wouldn't want to eat that, I ask you! But, it is a good picture of Ma with Matt!
I don't see much resemblance between Matt and Grant in the photos. But, in real life, I can see Matt in some of Grant's expressions. How about those nifty young parents?? See? Gary used to have hair!
Matt may not be Grant, but he sure was cute. Hard to believe it has been 28 years since these photos were taken. And, even harder to believe that I still have the same kitchen tile - only with a lot more wear and tear!! Definitely time for a kitchen update!
Hope you enjoyed the trip down Memory Lane.


At 6:48 AM, OpenID alissasanderson said...

In life I think Grant looks just like him :-) But in these photos, you're right...not so much! These are great.

Is that Chip behind him in the highchair?

At 6:00 PM, Anonymous yfb said...

nice to see all you youngsters.....doesn't seem that long ago, does it?...nice pictures!

At 8:47 PM, Anonymous me2 said...

I agree that they don't look alike in the pictures, but they do in real life!


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