Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Need a beach fix?Matt and I weren't acutally looking for a trip to the beach, but when the opportunity arose, we made the best of it. It was beautiful in Panama City Beach last weekend!
Grandpa had been feeling bad - mostly due to extremely low blood pressure, I think - and was ready to come home. With such low BP, there was no way he could drive by himself, so Matt and I went down to get him. We stayed the night in Cullman, AL, on the way down and arrived in PCB about 3:00 p.m. on Friday. After we visited with Grandpa, we took a walk so Grandpa could get a nap. The beach was as gorgeous as I've ever seen it! If it didn't take so long to upload video to You Tube, I would post the sunset video I took with my camera. The lady in the neighboring apartment brings out her CD player at sunset every evening and plays a recording of Amazing Grace (bagpipe version) as the sun slowly sinks into the sea. I recorded it for posterity, but it is too much for my connection to handle, I'm afraid. So, I can't share it.
After our walk, we packed up most of Grandpa's things and Matt loaded the car. Then, it was time for a trip to Boondocks for supper. Matt had a plate full of boat trash. I, of course, had the deviled crab! Mmmmm, good!
We finished packing on Saturday morning and left this beautiful beach behind. The weather was already in the 60's when we left, aiming for the 70's. The reason for the trip wasn't fun, but we made the best of our short time there. And, we returned while the weather was still good. On Sunday, there were a number of bad storms and tornadoes along FL331 & I-65 - and by that time we were home.
Grandpa is back where he belongs, getting the care he needs and all is well!


At 10:36 PM, Anonymous me2 said...

Boy, it sure looked pretty! Terry had boat trash when he went to Boondocks, too...


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