Friday, July 28, 2006

Lost . . . in memory of the Triple "S" Motel On our first visit to Atlantic Beach in 1973, we stayed at the Triple "S" Motel. On our trip in 1978, we stayed at the Triple "S" Motel. When we visited in 1993, we showed the kids the Triple "S" Motel - it was a bit rundown to stay in by that time. Last year when we visited the area, we were pleasantly surprised. The Triple "S" Motel had been completely refurbished and looked inviting - although we were already staying in a nice place on Topsail Island. This year, we went back to see the Triple "S" Motel and found it had been demolished and fancy homes were going up in its place. How sad. I guess things have to change and at least we were able to see it last year. On the same topic, we rode down the beach to see the motel we stayed in last spring and it, too, has been torn down and fancy townhomes are going up in its place. Not a good sign for the place we are staying now, is it??
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