Saturday, March 08, 2008

Weather Stories . . . . Last Sunday, 2 March, it was 65 degrees and beautiful outside - as you can see from David's short sleeved shirt. :)
I even had crocus blooming. Ahh, spring is on the way, right??
Then, Friday and Saturday (7 & 8 March) we had snow - a total in Taylorsville of about 10-11 inches of it. Natalie said they had more than that in J-town. As beautiful as the snow is - it is quite a change from the spring preview we had over the weekend!!
As you can see our pet pelican, Heathcliff, is wearing a snowy coat and hat. Of course, pelicans aren't really used to snow, are they?
Oh well, Grant spread sunshine in between the spring weather and the winter weather. At nearly 7 months, he is getting to be a big boy! A smile like that warms my heart even when it is cold and snowy outside. :)
Spring is bound to get here one of these days, right? So, enjoy!