Friday, November 30, 2007

Grand Finale1954
So, who are these adorable kids??
[For the record, this is not the exact photo I remember. The photo I remember had Bob on the right, Nan on the left and me on the verge of escaping. But, since I cannot put my hands on that photo, this one will have to suffice.] Turn the clock up 53 years and here we are - perhaps not as young, but pretty well preserved if you ask me!
And, here we are with our fearless leader!
Happy (late) Thanksgiving from all of us!

Parting Shots
Natalie and I headed to the beach one last time on Sunday morning and on the way back to the room we found Dad/Grandpa waiting for us on his deck. :)

What jokers! I told them all to line up for a photo and look what I got! Now that's more like it! :)
Thank you to Dad/Grandpa for the beautiful week. It was great for us all to be together. I said this would be the last post, but there is one more. Stay tuned - one more time.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Fine Seafood Meal!

For our final supper of the vacation, Dad/Grandpa took us to Montego Bay - always a favorite!
Terry once again talking with his hands. :)

We had a wonderful time - not just at Montego, but the entire trip!

Stay tuned for one final post before we head for home!

Ah, Saturday - Our Last Day in Paradise
(for a while, anyway)Again, too cold to walk in the morning. It looks nice here, but in reality, the sun only shone for about 1/2 hour the whole day - and that was while we were at Bob and Janet's taking pictures we couldn't take the day before!
Beautiful motorhome. :)

Natalie and I went to the Treasure Ship marina in search of pelicans. Didn't find any, but we did find these nifty dolphins! :)
After a little shopping, we were back on the beach taking the walk we didn't take first thing in the morning.

Supper at BoondocksWe had a wait of about 20 minutes before we were seated at a table. Natalie and I checked out Pickles, the souvenir shop. Bob, Natalie and I wandered around exploring and looking for photo opportunities.
While we roamed, Dad, Nan, Janet and Terry sat in the waiting area - scanning the menu for something scrumptious to eat.
I don't know what everybody else had, but I had stuffed crab, baked potato and green beans. Wow, was that good!
Incidentally, there was a lemon in my water - which Grandpa found a better use for! :)
Mmmmm - delicous meal. Lengthy wait to check out, but worth it. From here, back "home" where Natalie and I took a quick swim followed by a trip to the hot tub to warm up. It was only in the 40's outside. Some people do crazy things on vacation!

Black FridayFor obvious reasons, Natalie and I avoided the stores on Friday. The morning proved to be too cool for a walk, so we visited Bob and Janet in their new motorhome. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera! Hard to believe, huh? Anyway, after our visit, we headed out to Rosemary Beach, one of my favorite places. We walked a little, but we weren't dressed warmly enough to go too far!
With the wind now coming from the north, Grandpa's porch was pretty warm.
Natalie and I braved the beach to collect shells left behind by the waves of the previous days. The water on Friday was calm, clear and inviting. I only managed to get in up to my ankles. The water felt pretty good - the air was chilly, though.
Finally - a sunset! No clouds tonight!
After our walk on the beach and after I took sunset pictures, I got brave and decided to go swimming. That's Bob trying out his new camera.
The pool water was warm as bath water! What a pleasant surprise. It was so nice that Natalie and I decided to swim again after supper.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving DinnerCalypso's had a Thanksgiving buffet. Unfortunately, by the time we got there the seafood that was advertised had run out. Grandpa requested a substitute and was permitted to choose one item off the menu to share at the table. So, those who wanted seafood had popcorn shrimp with their Thanksgiving meal!

The buffet consisted of turkey, stuffing (cornbread or crawfish), rolls, gravy, green beans, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, cranberries, ham, chocolate cake (with a creamy filling and whipped cream on top), pecan pie and bread pudding. There may have been other things, but that's all I can remember. It was all very tasty!

A good time was had by all!
Happy Thanksgiving 2007!

Thanksgiving Storm

Beach Beauty

The storm never really amounted to much on the beach. In the end, there was a brief shower, but the clouds were very dramatic. Unfortunately, photos do not accurately portray the beauty. But, I took plenty of photos anyway!
(P.S. Blogger was not allowing me to upload photos consistently, so the rest of this post is being completed from home - now that the party is over!)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from Florida!Woke up to a beautiful morning.
Natalie and I took a walk to Sugar Sands to start the day.

Since Thanksgiving was so gorgeous and since Friday's weather threatened to be too cold to spend on the beach, that's where I spent my day. Natalie and I staked out our spot and enjoyed the sunshine.

While I spent time on the beach, the rest of the gang went swimming.
As the day progressed, a cold front approached.

Next, I will post photos of the impending storm (which was really not much of a storm in the end).

Wednesday Night Supper

Master Beer Pourer

Enjoy the experience. The food was delicious, as always!