Friday, August 31, 2007

Two Things . . . .
First and most importantly, Grant turned 3 weeks old yesterday, 30 August. That was also the day of the first UL home football game, so I got to go over to Whitney and Matt's to help with Grant for a little while. He is so cute. What a joy to be able to spend time with them! This retirement stuff is great!

Also, as promised, here is a photo of my antique "find." Turns out it has three full-size drawers with the two glove drawers on top and a marble insert. It needs a little work, primarily new hardware! The drawer pulls are awful! But, I wasn't looking for a picture-perfect piece and I really like it. I can't wait to get it cleaned up and ready to use!
Here ends another week!
Happy Labor Day to all!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Big Day!
Whitney and Matt's little blessing topped 6 lbs. at his weigh-in yesterday!
Hip hip hooray!
What a sweetheart he is and what good parents he is lucky enough to have!
On a completely different topic, I went shopping with Judy Johnson yesterday and finally found a chest of drawers for my "guest/baby" room. I've paid for it, but Gary and I have to go back to pick it up on Friday. If I remember correctly, it is 4 drawers, with 2 glove drawers on top - it also has a small marble insert. It is an antique, but more in the "collectible" vein - rustic, maybe. Anyway, I like it and can't wait to get it home and cleaned up. I will take a picture of it - with the tacky drawer pulls on it - when I get it. The hardware is the first thing to be changed, believe me. But, it is a neat piece of furniture and just what I wanted - vintage, not new.
Well, that's all for today. Just thought I'd let you know that Grant gained 11 ounces in 3 days - I think he is on his way!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Fair Evening . . . . Natalie and I spent last evening at the Kentucky State Fair. We had a good time - doing nothing in particular. It was Kroger night, so we had a free dinner consisting of a hotdog, salad of choice, chips of choice, beverage. Not bad for free. :) After supper, we checked out the art and promotional exhibits. Found four of Alissa's five photos. Terrific work, Alissa! You should have won something! Your photos were certainly much better than some of the "winners"!
Free supper or not, we had to have a funnel cake. Never had one before last year, but now that I know what they are, they are mandatory fair food! We shared one, although we've no proof I ate any - but we see Natalie chowing down!
The only ferris wheel this year was the one with gondolas. I prefer the open seat type, but there wasn't one; so, we did the gondola ferris wheel and enjoyed it. It is the only ride we do and I guess because of the skimpy crowd, we seemed to get an extra long ride. :)
Trees obscured most of my view of the midway, but this is what I could see. I love the view from atop the ferris wheel.
The end of a perfect evening. No one was available to take our picture - so we took it ourselves! Great time! Thanks, Natalie, for accompanying an old grandma to the fair! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Worth the Trip Home, Right?

Matt and Whitney invited us to visit Grant after we returned from our trip. It was an offer we could not refuse! We'd kept in touch by phone and via photos, but there's nothing like the real thing. Grant is adorable. I think we will definitely keep him!

Home, Again

On Tuesday, 14 August, we left Erie after a stop to fill up the car and to buy oxroast from Carmosino's.

Shortly after getting on I-90, we passed a couple signs to remind us what we'd seen! Actually, the most we saw of Waldameer was what you could see from the road as we entered Presque Isle. Jim McEldowney told us that Waldameer is building a new Ravine Flyer - like the one that used to cross over the beach road. I guess it will be ready next year.
We ate breakfast at Mr. C's in Ashtabula, Ohio. I'll bet they wondered at Perkins whatever happened to us! Mr. C's didn't look like much from the highway, but Dad and Ma had eaten there and Dad knew it would be good. And, it was - good, quick, inexpensive. A very nice place.
[This photo was taken as we were leaving the parking lot - the lady in the car next to us thought I was taking her picture. :)]

We arrived home in record time - due in part to the fact that we missed the Cincinnati bypass and drove straight through town. At that hour of the day, the traffic wasn't bad and we actually saved time going that way.

We had a great trip down Memory Lane. I think the only thing that would make it better would be if Dad could share his memories with all of us kids. I have to relearn the memories each time I go up there because I never lived there (well, I did for 11 months, but I certainly don't remember that). Here's hoping something can be worked out next summer so Bob and Nan can go, too. Dad would really love that! Still, he and I had a great time and we will definitely do it again next year - just not for the reunion because it's been scheduled for Grant's first birthday (and Chip's 31st birthday)!
Start making plans for next summer, guys!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Wrapping Up Day 4Monday was a beautiful day, as you can see by the pictures from the peninsula and the pier. Sunday was the only day we had rain and it didn't amount to much (except when we were visiting Aunt Connie and Uncle Bill). The temperatures were cool compared to Louisville - highs in the low 80's or high 70's/lows in the low 60's or high 50's. The days were very pleasant and seemed very short! Grandpa had us burning our candles at both ends - we saw a lot in a short time!
We ate at McGarrey's Cafe - a place Dad had eaten with Martha Stoops and Danny last time he was in Erie. I had the oxroast sandwich (dry - no juice). It was good, but it would have been better if it was a little sloppier!
This was formerly Easton's Grocery where Grandma V. worked when Ma and Uncle Bill were young. Now it is a Battery Outlet, but at least the building is still there.
This is Franklin Terrace - 635-B. I think Dad and Ma's apartment was the second from this end. It is not the best area anymore - Dad was concerned about taking his vehicle with the WEWs through there. But, once you got inside the neighborhood, it was not as bad as we thought. It seems to be pretty well-tended. I noticed that about all of Erie. Even the least desirable neighborhoods are clean. The whole town, though old, is very clean and inviting. I was quite impressed by that. If it wasn't so far north, it would be a desirable place to live. But, my thin blood would not like the winters there, I guarantee it!
And, finally, we rounded out our last day riding around the fountain at least 10 times (maybe more) to see if it changed colors. Well, it did change from white to yellow and then to blue, but we never saw any other colors. This is the best photo I was able to get from the car. The blue didn't show up at all.

Dad and I were reluctant to call it a day. We had a wonderful trip and hated to see it end!

Memory Lane, Day 4 (continued)
More views from the top of the observation tower at
Dobbins LandingThe Maritime Center and the Flagship Niagara
Hamot Hospital - takes up a full city block
Small white tower just below the horizon near the center of the picture - St. Vincent's
Needs no explanation :)
Perch fishing tour boat

Onward - More of Day 4
Back to the pier, as promised. Plenty of parking now, so we stopped in a front-row spot and went inside to do our souvenir shopping. Souvenirs were exorbitantly priced, so nobody got much! After spending a small fortune, we took the ride to the top of the tower to enjoy the view.
Dad didn't want people to think he was the only person on the trip, so he took my picture - while I was talking to Matt about Grant, who was 5 days old at this point. :)
This is the new bayfront convention center.

View of State Street

Here's debonair Dad looking out over the bay. :)

Slightly fuzzy view of Waterworks where the bay taxi is departing Presque Isle for the pier.

Don't go away - I've got more. :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

No, I Didn't Take This Trip By Myself . . . . Since most of the photos were taken from a moving vehicle and since Dad and I did very little get-out-and-walk sightseeing, Dad has been conspicuously absent for much of my vacation blog. But, yes, he was with me. You saw him yesterday on the boat - well, here he is leaving the boat. :)
The infamous Lady Kate
We are here! (Misery Bay)
Another view from the monument area.
After the boat ride, we rode through the rest of the peninisula - past Beach 11 (Thompson's Bay), Beach 10 (Budney Beach - named for the first person to successfully swim from Canada to Erie) and on out to the entrance of the park. At the entrance there is a campground and drive-in diner called Sara's where we finished up our trip to Presque Isle with a delicious soft-serve chocolate ice cream cone! After all, what is a trip to the beach without the ice cream cone? All that was missing was the sandy hotdogs!

More Pictures from the Lady Kate, Day 4Telephoto from a bumpy boat - that's the Flagship Niagara.
Didn't have time to zoom in for this shot - thought the diving duck was a good picture. :)
Passing the North Pier lighthouse on the way back to Misery Bay
Self-explanatory :)
Perry Monument
More to come . . . .

More Pictures of Presque Isle, Day 4 We passed the marina as we drove around the perimeter of the park. When we got to the Perry Monument, Dad offered me a ride on the Lady Kate, the boat I'd seen on Saturday. We thought we were going to tour the bay. As it turned out, we went out into the lake. It was great fun - beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, pleasant guide - all adds up to a fun time! And, lots of photos - only a few of which I will post. :)
[P.S. I didn't even ask for the ride, Dad volunteered! And, I'm glad he did.]
Heading out of Misery Bay past the Perry Monument
The Coast Guard Station
The old Hammermill paper factory - no longer in use
Presque Isle Lighthouse
Stay tuned for more . . . . :)