Saturday, September 30, 2006

On our trip to South Bend . . . .
We made a stop past Gary's parent's home. This is where Gary grew up. It is unbelivable how much it has changed in the last several months. Someone has bought it to fix up and resell (at least that's what we think). The house has new siding and shutters to go with the new windows that Dad S. already had installed.

This tree is where Gary used to spend his summer afternoons when he was little. He used to lounge in the limb and read Tarzan books. :) Cute, huh?

Things have changed. The yard has been cleaned up quite a bit - the huge old willow tree is no longer in the back yard and someone is taking care of the yard the way Grandpa Stephens couldn't in his later years. The fuel has been changed from oil to LP and we noticed by looking in the window that the wall has been removed from between the living room and kitchen to make one big room with new kitchen cabinets. Mom and Dad would really love to see what it looks like now. Turns out someone will be getting a pretty cute little house on a nice piece of property.

Times change, I guess, but it is difficult to go back to the house and know you can't go in.
Just have to remember that life is good and count it all JOY.
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Friday, September 29, 2006

Another Campfire!! What Could Be Better??

You know me and campfires . . . . Well, last weekend I got to enjoy another one! Two weeks in a row - must be some sort of record!

We went to South Bend last weekend to visit family and were surprised with a meal cooked over a campfire. Jon made homemade chili and Judy made cheese biscuits, all of which was cooked over an open fire. Mmmmmm, good! The weather had threatened rain all afternoon, but we were lucky that the rain held off.

We even ate outside - which, by the look on Gary's face, apparently causes some people to behave goofily (if that is a word!).

After the meal, Jon tended the fire and Buddy tended Jon. It is good to have a watchdog when you are out in the wilderness of your own backyard. :)

We stayed outside until rain forced us in. A good time was had by all! Thank you Judy and Jon!%2

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Annual Grandma Hewitt Wiener Roast

Last night was the night of the Annual Grandma Hewitt Wiener Roast (AGHWR). This tradition was originally started by my Grandma Hewitt when I was little. Each year we would go to Pennsylvania to spend a week at Grandma and Grandpa's and once they moved to a place with a big yard, Grandma began having a wiener roast whenever we visited. That was the highlight of the whole trip for me! I loved the wiener roasts so much that as I got older and visited by myself or with my new husband (who is now my old husband! :), she would still make sure I had my WR.

Well, a few years ago, I decided to re-start the tradition. Grandma Hewitt had been gone for years at that time, but we live in the country and have plenty of space for a bonfire and lots of room for family and friends, so the tradition continues. Don't know why I didn't think of this years ago! I still love it and still look forward to it like a kid. I even think it is probably my favorite "holiday"! We all get together, eat hotdogs cooked over the fire; supplement the meal with chips; wolf down brownies for dessert; then finish off with roasted marshmallows! What a treat. This is the kind of meal you can only have around an open fire. All the fun of camping - except you get to sleep in your own bed when the party is over!

I want to thank Jake and Christy for making the trip from Fort Wayne, IN; Alissa, Drew and Nick for coming from Hopkinsville, KY; Nancy and Terry for making the drive from Lebanon Junction, KY; my dad and kids (Matt/Whitney & Natalie/David) for coming from Louisville; Doug and Kellie for coming from 7 minutes away :); and, Gary for putting up with my childish desires! I had a wonderful time! Thanks to all and save a weekend in September next year!
Chip, Shira and Aiva we missed you and hope Chip is healing nicely!
Bob and Janet??
Ted, Jodi, Chris??
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